Russian Rocket makes a splash in 2020 Trusova goes to Plushenko

Season 2019/2020 is more like a “roller coaster”. First Zagitova puts career on pause, then coronavirus cancels World Cup, and now Alexander Trusov makes the most unexpected thing.

 Tutberidze – Trusov – Plushenko: Alexander out of the “Crystal”

 So, today the figure skating world is stirred up unexpected news, this lightning – Alexander Trusov leaves the “Crystal” and go to the Academy of Plushenko. What, how and why, now we can not say for sure, since the official statements of the parties has not yet been reported, however, to analyze all the available information as possible.

 The first of this unexpected move said «Sport24» site, citing its source. And, if it is the news published a conditional “Starhit” could not believe it, but “kruglosutochniki” – really good media is tightly engaged in figure skating. Moreover, journalists site asked for comments to himself Evgeny Plushenko, who did not deny the thesis, but merely said that while he is not commenting, detailed response from it will be available “within a day or two.”

 So everything happens for good reason. If we were talking about football players, then one would assume that the athlete knocks himself a new contract. But it is a figure skater, a talented, but young (only 15 years old Sasha). So, it is different. According to Sport24 source, the fact is that not enough attention Trusova.

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 It was the most emotional event! Home stage – great support and a great responsibility! The more valuable the victory! Thank you very much for such attention! Thanks to the coaches that were with me, all srazu❤❤❤

 Publication of Sasha Trusova (@avtrusova)

 November 20, 2019 at 4:04 PST

 And here are several factors came together:

 Eteri Tutberidze not just accept the importance of the family for her, is now in the United States with her daughter and almost never get in touch with the girls. For more on this we wrote in a special material.

 Chief choreographer Daniel Group Gleyhengauz most attention paid Zagitovoy Aline, and when she stopped a career focused on Anna Shcherbakova (according to a source publication).

 Sasha Trusov, despite the revolutionary spirit in the pole, could not win a big tournament. There was hope at the World Cup, but it was eventually canceled. This is for athletes, which states its goal victory at the Olympic Games could be a blow. And every year the competition in the group only exacerbated by stepping on the heels of new stars in the face, for example, Kamil Valiev.

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 @Esquire asked me a question the answer to everything. #esquire # 12apostoles #sports

 Publication of Sasha Trusova (@avtrusova)

 26 Mar 2020 at 12:13 PDT

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 As a result, Sasha decided to go to a place where she will be able to pay more attention at a lower pressure. Probably the decisive factor was the fact that Plushenko Academy moved its first coach Alexander Volkov.

 Earlier we talked about the attitude Alexandra Trusova Evgenia Medvedeva.

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